Justice is the minimum of love. Love is the fulfillment of Justice. These are the words that inspire the legal

affairs of the RCASF. As a Department ,its aim is not just to see to it that justice it served but that love 

be shared in whatever transaction RCAM maybe in, that is given our limitations. As a unit in RCASF,

our primary concern is preventive. Litigation is only a means of last resort. Pursuantto our preventive

stancre of management, the department offers its services to the following needs of RCASF.


1. rendering of opinions, advice, suggestions, concerns, and recommendations on legal concerns of the

different departments in RCASF. 

2. represents RCASF in dialogues and bargaining agreements, if any;

3. represents RCASF in settlement of claims and dues.

4. prepares and reviews the various legal forms, contracts, and documents requested by the different


5. handling of cases that the RCA may be involved in either as Plaintiff or Defendant.


The department is also charged with the monitoring, supervision and inventory of cases under litigation.

 In answer to the call of changing, times and needs, the Legal Department is currently mapping out patelans to 

accommodate the following needs of RCASF.

1. systematization of vital records

2. re-organization/re-structuring  of ;the department to meet the growing demands;

3. preparation of modules for seminars and workshops on legal concerns of the Archdiocese, and;

accreditation of pool of lawyers who are best suited to discharge the legal assingment in a way designed

to produce timely economical and competent and competent handling of any legal assignment.